Does the blank page taunt you, your ideas trapped within?

I'm here to liberate your thoughts as your Ghostwriter.

Feel like your brand is just another face in the crowd?

With my Copywriting, watch your message break free, capturing hearts and minds.

As a versatile ghostwriter, scriptwriter, and copywriter, my mission is to empower independent storytellers, agencies, and publishers by turning their dream narratives into reality. My passion for history and extensive literary experience allow me to craft stories with the precision of a scholar and the flair of a raconteur. With 26 personal book compositions and 8 more in the pipeline, complemented by 62 ghostwritten books for various esteemed clients, my commitment to charming storytelling is undying. My journey in writing has also seen the successful fulfillment of 700 freelance contracts, including crafting over 400 video scripts.

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historical fiction ghostwriter, literary fiction, fiction writer
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non-fiction ghostwriter, non fiction writer, philosophy writer
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ghostwriting, ghostwriter, copywriting, copywriter, scriptwriting, scriptwriter, freelance writer

II: Copywriting:

Boost Your Brand Now: Expert Copywriting for Immediate Impact

Struggling to find a copywriter who truly understands your brand's heart and soul? You're not alone. In a digital landscape where every brand fights to be heard, many fall into the unknown, their unique voices drowned out by the din of conformity. Good copy isn't just about getting noticed; it has more to do with making a genuine connection.

Shaped by hands-on learning, I've progressed from ghostwriting and scriptwriting toward becoming a skilled artisan of copywriting. Inject fresh energy into your brand with my striking copy—I'm the copywriting powerhouse you need.

Firstly, is your content a true reflection of your brand, or does it vanish into the digital sinkhole? The challenge often lies in generic, uninspired content that fails to forge an emotional bond with your audience, leaving your brand's potential in the shadows.

Secondly, even if you feel the pulse of your brand's story, articulating it in a way that aligns with your audience can be daunting. This rich, untold narrative holds the key to unlocking your brand's essence, yet without the right words, it remains just out of reach.

Enter my copywriting services. In a world where being heard is as challenging as finding a whisper in a storm, I stand out by creating headline ad copy that stops scrollers in their tracks, followed by email copy that turns curiosity into loyalty. At the core of my work is the belief that true connection starts with a compelling headline and grows with every email. From the outset, let's make sure your brand isn't just another name but a story that sticks.

Transform your message into a magnet for customers, turning browsers into buyers effortlessly.

I. Ghostwriting Services:

Feeling overwhelmed by your search for the perfect writer?

Tired of writers who rush, demand more for every little tweak, or worse, serve you soulless content blatantly powered by AI?

Got a head full of big ideas and no clear way to share them?

You’ve got the know-how, the stories, and the advice that could light someone’s way, shake them into action, or teach them something new. But making that jump from a great idea to a book on the shelf feels like a mountain too high. Doubts start to whisper. Is your message strong enough? Can you really find the time? How do you make sure people will want to read and use your advice?

This is a headache for small publishers, too. In a world thirsty for new, gripping non-fiction, finding those standout manuscripts feels like searching for a single word in a large library or a diamond in the Sahara. You need a constant flow of top-notch content to stay ahead and keep your readers hooked.

Here’s where I come in. I’m not just about turning individual knowledge into page-turners; I’m also here for the small publishers out there looking for consistency and brilliance in their non-fiction lineup. Whether it’s historical non-fiction, business insights, philosophical dissection, self-help and personal growth, DIY projects, or wellness wisdom, I pen books that attract, engage, and sell.

For publishers, teaming up with me means you’ve got a steady supply of exceptional non-fiction content, ready to go. I get your struggles: the hunt for unique content, the juggling act of quality over quantity, and the race to fill your release calendar with winners. Let me help you cross these barriers and obstacles. With me, you’ll have a fountain of non-fiction gems that fit just what you’re looking for, making sure your publishing house prospers.

And what of Historical Fiction?

Ever wanted to carry your readers off to days gone by, engrossing them in the depths of history? It’s a grand goal, but oh, the hurdles you face. Perhaps you’re itching to tell tales of the lawless Old West, the transformative years of Postbellum and Antebellum America, the daring voyages of pirates, or the thrilling exploits of the Age of Discovery. But making those stories come to life is no small feat.

The worry about nailing the historical facts or keeping the tale thrilling might be holding you back. Or maybe past attempts left you with stories that felt flat or characters that didn’t quite ring true. It’s discouraging when your story doesn’t capture the era or engage readers as you’d hoped.

That’s where I step in, ready to lighten your load. History is my playground, and I’m all about penning stories and forging narratives that grab readers and won’t let go. I’ll make sure we’re spot on with the facts and keep your story flowing, so your audience feels like they’ve stepped into another time.

We’ll work together to transform your historical visions into drawing, solid stories. No more fretting over research or wondering if your tale measures up. I’m here to ensure your book becomes everything you envisioned and more.

Our collaboration will be a journey of co-creation. With feedback at every 10,000-word milestone, you're assured that every chapter meets and exceeds your expectations.

And should you need to adjust the sails along the way, unlimited revisions mean your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If your story has been waiting for the right voice, let's talk. Reach out to discuss your project, and let's explore how we can adjust the pricing to fit your budget without compromising the quality your ideas warrant.

Don't settle for mediocrity. Choose a ghostwriting service that offers more than words—it offers a gateway to the worlds you wish to create.

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